Vinified Wine

We are a fine wine merchant with a focus on outstanding growers from Burgundy, along with producers from Bordeaux, Champagne, the northern Rhône, Piedmont, California and many more regions around the world.

We seek out exceptional wines from some of the most interesting winemakers; often family-owned producers, who craft wines that truly reflect the vineyard in which they are grown. We search not only for the best quality, but also for wines of character that evoke a sense of place.

Our aim is to help clients discover some of the very best wines available today, often made in small quantities and are highly sought after. Whether you’re looking to build out your collection, create a wine investment portfolio, or simply looking to try something new, we’re here to help.

Jason Tamblin, DipWSET, CFA

Founder and Managing Director

Growing up in California surrounded by vineyards, wine quickly became a major part of my life. I began my career in the finance industry, working in investment fund analysis, but always held a great passion for wine. I began studying for the WSET wine qualifications and spent every spare moment discovering incredible winemakers who were doing things differently.

Finally, I decided to follow my passion and begin a career in wine. Starting from the ground up, I worked at wineries in Sonoma, California and Kent, England, learning a variety of different styles. To truly immerse myself in the fine wine industry, my wife and I spent six months travelling through many of the major wine regions of Europe, meeting with incredible winemakers, from large domaines to small, independent producers. We walked the vineyards and the wine cellars with them and learnt about their methods.

Moving to London I became head of research at a fine wine consulting firm, where I had the opportunity to taste thousands of wines and meet with many producers, providing analysis to some of the leading wineries in Bordeaux, Burgundy, Italy, the US, and South America.

These experiences led me to create Vinified Wine. As one of the few in the wine business to hold both the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation and the WSET Diploma, I offer a unique perspective on both investing and fine wine. My aim is work closely with our clients to help them discover inspiring winemakers who are creating some of the most exciting wines in the world.