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We're thrilled to introduce a wonderful selection of Burgundy wines from the exceptional 2018 vintage. 2018 was a very warm, dry year in Burgundy, and the resulting wines have critics and wine lovers very excited. The best producers were able to retain freshness and structure despite the warmer growing season. In general, the wines are ripe, rich, and energetic and offer more immediate pleasure than is typical for the region.

In January, we tasted hundreds of 2018s during Burgundy ’En Primeur’ in London. We talked to many of the region's top producers about the 2018 vintage and we were thoroughly impressed with the wines that we sampled. For our offering, we sought out some of the best small producers who are creating tremendous wines that blew us (and the critics) away. We can’t wait for you to enjoy them!


Domaine Felettig

As is the case with many Bugundian domaines, the quality of wines being produced at this small domaine in Chambolle-Musigny has excelled over the past decade. Gilbert and Christine Felettig have made several changes at the domaine, including the move to organic viticulture with improved biodiversity in the vineyards, more gentle extraction during fermentation, and much less new oak. The resulting wines are elegant and energetic and 2018 is one of their finest vintages to date.

“As I wrote only a few months ago, this small domaine in Chambolle-Musigny produces serious, age-worthy wines that deserve to be better known… and it's clear that this is a fine vintage chez Felettig: one that will deliver plenty of near-term charm but which will really come into its own with some bottle age. In short, these wines come warmly recommended.” – William Kelley, Wine Advocate, February 2020

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Domaine Dureuil-Janthial

Considered by many to be the finest domaine in the Cote Chalonnaise, Domaine Dureuil-Janthial produces wonderfully textured wines. Based in the village of Rully, Vincent Dureuil-Janthial is one of the rare vintners in Burgundy who excels at both white and red wines.

"Vincent Dureuil and his wife Céline took over the family estate in 1994, and today this 20-hectare domaine ranks—along with Domaine Bruno Lorenzon in Mercurey—as the finest winery in the Côte Chalonnaise. Organic farming, cultivated soils and virtuosic winemaking combine to striking effect, yielding textural but incisive whites and perfumed, supple reds that number among my favorite wines in Burgundy…Last year, I wrote that Vincent's 2017s represented his finest portfolio to date (or at least in my tasting experience), and 2018 is a very worthy successor: the whites are touch more gourmand and textural in personality and will likely drink at their peak younger, while the reds are deeper pitched and more concentrated than their 2017 counterparts. In any case, the result is an embarrassment of riches. Plenty will find a place in my own cellar, and I couldn't recommend them to readers more warmly than that.” – William Kelley, Wine Advocate June 2020

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Fiona Leroy

Fiona Leroy is a new, tiny 2.75-hectare vineyard domaine in the village of Maranges at the far south of the Cote de Beaune. Fiona employs biodynamic practices at this certified organic domaine, and the wines see no additions aside from small amounts of sulphur at bottling. It is rare to find new domaines in the Cote d’Or and we’re very excited to introduce these wines. We expect to see this domaine go from strength to strength as people discover these outstanding wines.

“This is the inaugural vintage for Fiona Leroy's small, organic-certified domaine, and it's very promising. I tasted these wines in barrel last year and revisited them from bottle this spring, and I found much to admire. Rich and concentrated, they're full of character… Certainly, readers should take note of this young and dynamic producer; and I will certainly be following her closely in the years to come.” – William Kelley, Wine Advocate June 2020

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Domaine Henri Germain

Domaine Henri Germain, based in Meursault, produces classically styled, traditional wines. Fermentations are with indigenous yeasts and viticulture is organic. The wines spend 18-22 months in neutral oak barrels on the lees, with no racking or bâtonnage, resulting in age-worthy, intense wines that display wonderful tension.

“Last year, I argued that Domaine Henri Germain might well be Meursault's best-kept secret, and this year, despite signs that the world is taking notice, I repeat that claim. This is a superb source for classically balanced, artisanal white Burgundy that's built to age, and the softly spoken Jean-François Germain is justly one of the village's most well-respected vignerons. The 2018 vintage has turned out very well at this address, and Germain describes it as "quite classic, with average acidities and no extremes of alcohol." The wines are harmonious and charming, and they will be unusually approachable by Germain's standards—no bad thing for readers new to this domaine who wish to acquaint themselves with its unimpeachably classical wines. I have reserved some 2018s for my own cellar, and I encourage readers who appreciate authentic Meursault to do the same… Considering the quality to be found here, this seven-hectare estate deserves far greater celebrity, and though I suspect Germain isn't especially interested in seeking out acclaim, it's sure to arrive sooner rather than later.” – William Kelley, Wine Advocate, January 2020

Wines available: Bourgogne Blanc and Meursault. The wines from Henri Germain will be arriving soon - please reply to this email to register your interest.

A quick note on pricing:

The prices listed on our website for these wines are duty paid and inclusive of VAT. We can also offer these wines (and the vast majority of wines on our site) in-bond (excluding duty and VAT). Please email if you are interested in purchasing any wines in-bond.

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Jason at Vinified Wine has broadened my wine-drinking horizons! It’s been fantastic having an expert who can guide me to discover new favourites, as well as source hard-to-find bottles I’ve tried and loved elsewhere, and delight us every time a new case arrives. Vinified Wine provides incredible value and quality for every taste and every budget. Thank you Jason!

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